Anastasia Lappo 

Clinical Hypnotherapist & Mindfulness Teacher

Warm, safe, confidential, highly qualified, & experienced.

Individual Therapy

A one-to-one focus in which the individual is engaged in a self-reflective process on their emotions and behaviours.

Couples Therapy

An intense focus on improving the communication pattern between a couple by enabling the therapist to directly examine the pair’s lives, routines, and habits.

Group Therapy

Dynamic interaction of multiple individuals by allowing participants to understand their impact on other members, whilst learning the feedback they receive from the therapist.

Mindfulness Program

This is an 8-week structured program utilising a wide variety of therapeutic techniques.

Hello! I’m Anastasia

Clinical Hypnotherapist & Mindfulness Teacher – (Dip.Hyp) HPD

I am based in London with a mission to resolve personal and professional challenges, quickly and efficiently.

I am a member on National Council for Hypnotherapy (NCH) and Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) and accredited by Professional Standards Authority.

Having worked nationwide and internationally, I have a rich, insightful, inclusive, non-judgemental socio-cultural worldview.

I’m passionate about people and their wellbeing and excel at resolving problems. My aim is to understand your presenting issues in depth and work with you to find effective solutions.

Depending on your needs, I employ a wide variety of therapeutic techniques, and work integratively.

My Expertise





Fertility & Childbirth




Feminine health & wellbeing

Fears & Phobias

Grief & loss

Traumas & PTSD



Pain Management


Break up, divorce & managing change

Lack of focus & direction

OCD / unwanted thoughts

Sexual issues

Habit Modification






My Approach & Values

My interest in hypnotherapy began from a very early age as my grandmother was a healer. I used to spend my childhood observing her holistic lifestyle and the techniques she used to help people, which influenced me greatly. I now tend to live my life holistically and apply this when working with my clients. Working with the whole person, not just their mental health.

In 2002, when I was obtaining BA in teaching with Child Psychology as a compulsive module, it was the first time our lecturer mentioned words “hypnosis” and ‘hypnotherapy”. Although, I decided not to pursue a career in teaching, I held various jobs after immigrating to the UK, mainly in finance and even had a company of my own. Over the years I completed various holistic courses for personal development and finally made the decision to qualify as a hypnotherapist in January 2019 – a tribute to my gran.

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